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The CN Tower, Toronto's most well-known landmark, and the world's tallest freestanding structure on landWelcome to Toronto, Ontario! Your fun and exciting vacation, successful business partnership or warm new home are ready and waiting for you here in Ontario's capital. This website is designed to give you an overview of some of the great experiences that this city has to offer, as well as to give you some tips and suggestions on how to make the most of your stay here, from choosing the best real estate agent to starting a business of your own. No matter which Toronto zip code you find yourself in, you're sure to find your perfect urban experience.

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Probably one of the most astounding features of Toronto is the PATH. 22 kilometers of shopping, services, and entertainment are linked together by this underground walkway, rivaling the West Edmonton Mall with its connected retail space. The PATH connects over 50 buildings and office towers, as well as six major hotels, two major department stores, twenty parking garages, five subway stations, and a railway terminal. The PATH also features over 100 access points, many of which let you out only a couple of blocks from major attractions such as the CN Tower, Metro Toronto Convention Center, and the Hockey Hall of Fame. So get your walking shoes on and get ready for the shopping experience of a lifetime!

Part of Toronto Ontario's dazzling cityscape, viewed from a residential district

If you're not in the shopping mood, there's still plenty of interesting attractions and events in Toronto. One of the city's most popular, must-see attractions is the CN Tower, nominated as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the world's tallest freestanding structure on land is over half a kilometer tall and features a glass floor, look-out level, double-panel armour-plated windows, and a revolving restaurant, complete with wine cellar. If you can stomach a fear of heights and choose a clear, cloudless day to visit, you're in for a spectacular experience. Other great attractions include Ontario Place, Canada's Wonderland, the Toronto Zoo, the Ontario Science Center, and much more. Come visit Toronto, or move here permanently after checking out Etobicoke real estate agents and homes for sale and see all that this great city has to offer!

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