For Sale By Owner - The New Trend in Selling Riverdale Homes, Windsor Real Estate, Mississauga Condominiums, and Yonge Eglinton Condos

One of the luxuries that have gone out the window in the last two years is hiring a real estate agent to list Riverdale Toronto homes for sale. For Sale By Owner is the newest trend, but inexperience can sometimes lead to mistakes. To give you a proper idea of what you're getting yourself into, here's a run down on how to sell a home yourself.


Putting up your Riverdale, Toronto house for sale yourself is not as simple as purchasing a sign and staking it to the lawn. First you need to have your home inspected and fix any problems that may put of buyers, then have a professional appraiser come to the property and advise you on your asking price. You'll also need to clear out as much of your furniture and personal items as possible to make the home more universally appealing.


Once your house is prepared, you need to get the word out that it's on the market. A sign on the lawn will reach only the people driving on your road, so you need to look into taking out ads in the paper or having your home included in the Windsor, Ontario real estate listings. Some publications allow private sales while other will take listings only from realtors. Another option would be to use an internet service like the Property Guys or Trulia, which will make your listing available globally for a fee.


Your open house resulted in someone making an offer to purchase your Mississauga condominium. Now what? Well, if you think the price is reasonable you can accept their offer. But what if it's not? With no realtor on your side, you'll have to conduct the negotiations yourself. This may not be so bad if you're dealing directly with the buyer, but if you have to go through the buyer's agent you may be at a disadvantage in terms of skill.


If you decide to accept an offer, there's more involved than just handing the deed over and accepting a cheque in return. You'll need to visit a lawyer and have him or her draw up a contract which outlines every aspect of the sale of the Yonge Eglinton condo, from who plays what closing costs to the time frame for the new owners moving in. Not doing so can result in inadvertent breaking of laws and leave you open to buyers who might take advantage of you.

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